COVID-19 shuttered many of our favorite local and regional haunts for witnessing the spring migration of neotropical migrant bird species. Forced to bird from home, I finally set up a birdbath and water dripper, with delightful results.

11 August / / essays / birding

Active engagement with life can make it difficult to find time to reflect upon one’s experiences. Over the past year, I’ve been incredibly busy with work, travel, volunteering, new skillsets, special projects, and many other things.

23 August / / essays / birding

New York City’s Central Park–a man-made natural area in overdeveloped Manhattan–is one of the best birding hotspots in North America. We explored the park for ourselves one May weekend.

Spring migration is long since over along the upper Texas coast (UTC). And what a migration it was: on the first Sunday in April, it was 40-something Fahrenheit, bone-chillingly cold by Texas standards.